Beyond the Starport Adventure

Beyond the Starport Adventure Synopsis

A freak accident sends a massive cruise ship from Earth smashing into a densely populated alien city. Believing the accident to be an act of aggression, the powerful alien race declares war on Earth.

Survivors of the accident fight for their lives as a ragtag team of rescuers is drawn into the action. Meanwhile, Earth’s valiant forces struggle to avoid their own annihilation as they try to assist in the rescue of their stranded citizens.

A young survivor of the ill-fated cruise liner, Matt Archer, finds safety in an ancient, self-aware, spacecraft designed by an aging alien scientist. Matt befriends the scientist’s daughter, finding love in his mysterious new companion. Together, they begin a journey beyond anything the human race has ever known in a spacecraft that will inevitably hold the key to humanity’s destruction or survival in the Universe.

Beyond the Starport Adventure is the first novel in the gripping, earth-shattering Bullet trilogy and the debut novel by Richard W. Fairbairn.

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