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My name’s Richard Fairbairn. I’m a writer from the south east of Scotland. Right now I’m working on several projects. The most current one will be listed below.

Beyond the Starport Adventure

In 2195, mankind’s perception of galactic dominance comes to an abrupt end when an interstellar disaster sparks a war against an unstoppable enemy.

Matt Archer’s cruise ship plummets into an alien city, wiping out the city and its occupants. Treating the incident as a first strike, the aliens attack starships sent from Earth to investigate. The first ship on the scene at the disaster site – an ordinary civilian tourist ship from Earth – finds itself trapped in a hostile alien star system. Thousands of light years from home, civilians and starship crew alike must battle overwhelming odds to escape death.

As the conflict intensifies, the alien warmongers’ dire motivations become clear. They’re driven by an innate fear passed from generation to generation, a core belief held since the dawn of their empire’s creation. 30,000 years in the past, their ancestors committed an unspeakable sin upon the very gods they now worship, and now they suspect the gods have returned to seek a cruel and terrible vengeance.

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Let’s Keep Don With All of Us

My wife’s cousin, Don, has suffered a severe stroke. Please read his story.

Blacker – Survival Horror Thriller

A mysterious alien artifact is draining energy, light, and life from everything around it. Its influence is spreading fast and all life on Earth will be extinguished if its creators cannot be found and reasoned with.

Burned out veteran John MacGregor guides a team of specialists into the dark mystery, but the team finds only death and horror within. When the survivors emerge, years have passed and the world has changed forever. All life on Earth has been erased, and loved ones left behind have been replaced with cruel and deadly imitations of their former selves.

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Orange Is the New Black – Danielle Brooks (Taystee) Shines

As a pasty-faced (occasionally strawberry-colored) Scotsman living in the beautiful Scottish countryside, it’s hard to imagine that the plight of Danielle Brooks’ character Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson, breaking hearts and educating minds in Netflix’s hit TV show Orange Is the New Black, could be relevant to me. But Danielle Brooks (with some help from the writers and creative minds behind the show) has created a fully realized and fleshed-out character that had me rooting for her in the incredible season 6 finale.

If you haven’t seen Orange Is the New Black I recommend you begin watching immediately!

Cobra Kai – Daniel Larusso Reunited With Johnny After 36 Years!

Ever wondered what happened to Daniel Larusso and John Lawrence following the events of the 1984 blockbuster movie, The Karate Kid? Now you’ll find out. Something about this show just seems to appeal to me. No, wait a minute. That’s not right – everything about this show seems to appeal to me! And I know I’m not the only one by a long shot. There may be a few spoilers in my review of this fantastic new show, but I’ll place warnings where relevant. Click here to read my review of Cobra Kai – Season One

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The Clapper Review 5 / 10

A lighthearted comedy or a drama – you decide.

Zombieland 2 is a Thing!

Set for a 2019 release, one of my favorite movie franchises gets a… ummm… franchise! You can find out more details at the IMDB page here: Zombieland 2

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Deadpool 2 Reviews – Latest Blog Entry

The action-packed sequel to 2016’s hit movie takes Ryan Reynolds; eponymous character to a new world of pain, excitement, and non-stop action.

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Avengers Infinity War – Spoiler Free Review

The latest entry in my Blog.