Cargo 2018 Netflix Original Starring Martin Freeman 6/10

This review may contain spoilers for the movie.

I couldn’t feel more proud of Martin Freeman. From his humble origins as Tim, the quiet man in the office destined to get the girl in the climax of Gervais’ groundbreaking reality TV sitcom “The Office”, to a CIA pilot / pseudo-superhero in Marvel’s The Black Panther. Having greatly enjoyed John Krasinski’s performance opposite his wife in A Quiet Place, I was looking forward to seeing Freeman in this latest Australian post apocalyptic thriller. Fans of the US Office will probably realize that John Krasinski’s character Jim is loosely based on Freeman’s character Tim from the UK Office.

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I enjoyed Cargo. It had the lonely, desolate feeling unique to the Australian outback, and Freeman’s performance as the desperate, doomed, father was moving. Both parents of the child putting themselves at obvious risk was a tough pill to swallow, but I ate it up and allowed the movie to continue its journey. I was disappointed by the bleak ending and I would have liked to have seen Freeman survive the ordeal, purely because his death seemed a foregone conclusion right from the beginning.

Definitely recommended for fans of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, The Walking Dead, Last Man on Earth, and any aficionados of post apocalyptic thrillers.