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Johnny’s back, and he steals the show in this 2018 continuation of the original 1984 Karate Kid movie. Ralph Macchio (The Outsiders, Crossroads, The Karate Kid) reprises the role of Daniel Larusso, the kid from New Jersey brought to Los Angeles by a single mother searching for work a fresh start and William Zabka (The Equaliser, Hot Tub Time Machine, How I Met Your Mother) reprises his role as Ace Degenerate Johnny Lawrence, local karate champ and Daniel’s nemesis. The late Pat Morita, who passed away in 2005, appears during some short flashbacks. To the series’ credit, these flashbacks are few and far between, used only where the storyline demands it. Cobra Kai stands on its own two feet proudly, and the two main characters carried their roles with confidence.

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The Cobra Kai TV series is refreshingly adult in its scripting. The characters are believable, likable and identifiable. As a huge fan of the original movie, I was hooked from the get go. My wife took a little convincing, and it took a few episodes for her to get into the nuances of the show. Now, she’s as keen as I am to find out what happens in the next season.

I’d recommend Cobra Kai to anyone who enjoyed the original movie. The Karate Kid started a lifelong fascination with karate for me. The muscle-memory demonstration in the original movie still gives me chills when I see it ( I think anyone who has trained in the martial arts will appreciate and remember that special moment when everything comes together and you realize your body is working independent of thought).

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The most interesting thing about Cobra Kai is the development of John Lawrence’s character. I found myself rooting for Johnny pretty much from the onset of Cobra Kai. That’s not to say that I was against Daniel-San! I just liked the way that Johnny’s back story revealed that he was much more than just a spoiled rich kid bullying the new kid in town. As the season progressed, I enjoyed Johnny’s journey even more. I found myself hoping that Johnny and Daniel would team up against a new protagonist. There was a momentary reconciliation between Daniel and Johnny that was the high spot of the series for me, but for the time being at least the writers have decided to keep Johnny and Daniel as uncertain enemies. The last scene in the season one where Kreese appeared on the scene hinted of greater things to come in season 2. I can’t wait to find out if Johnny will accept the return of his Sensei or if he’ll have learned that Kreese’s way leads down a dark path that the new Cobra Kai students have already begun to embark on thanks to Johnny’s misguided teachings.

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There’s so little on TV that I’m actually watching these days. It’s hugely refreshing to find something I enjoy, have an affinity towards, and am thoroughly excited about the next chapter of.

Cobra Kai scores 10 out of 10 for me. I’m obviously biased, but it’s my website and I can be as biased as I like.