Pinafore and the Halfway House

Greengrass has been to The Carousel many times before, He’s defended the lost world of Atlantis, suffered in the trenches of World War One, and has seen civilizations blossom, flourish, and die.

Lifetime after lifetime, Greengrass and his soulmates have always been together – until now.

Disappointed by his past lives, Pinafore refuses to return to the world of the living and hides himself far beyond the sliver of light known to mortal men. Greengrass is the only member of the group strong enough to gain entry to Pinafore’s icy prison, and when he makes contact with his eternal soulmate Pinafore is unrelenting in his desire to remain frozen and untouched by life’s rollercoaster of experiences.

Greengrass strikes a bargain with Pinafore to tempt him back to the mortal realm, using an ancient Atlantean artefact to allow Pinafore to retain the memories and experiences from other lives he has lived. But Greengrass does not realize the danger he is bringing to The Carousel by giving Pinafore powers no mortal man should ever have….

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