The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead – TV Series

I’ve been hooked since the first amazing episode. This is a place for anyone like me who loves the show, the comics, and the whole “z-word thing”. This section may contain spoilers. It’s recommended that you’re fully caught up with the show before reading…


I loved the early seasons of The Walking Dead. A lonely group of survivors trying to fight their way through a post apocalyptic wasteland hit the right dramatic spot for me. As the show progressed – around about the time Alexandria came into the midst of things – I found the concept deviating from the desperately intense struggle for survival our heroes had to endure. Communities meant safety. Of course, there were conflicts within the communities, but compared to the wrecked group who stumbled into Atlanta’s CDC with nowhere else to go, the plight against Negan and The Saviors still did not compare.

Don’t get me wrong; I still couldn’t wait to watch the latest episode, but the excitement wasn’t quite the same. Since Alexandria, I haven’t felt that our heroes have been in any real peril – at least as a group. Individually, of course, anything goes. As a die hard fan of the show I’m in for the long haul. I expected Season 9 to be a disappointment. Season 8 went on too long, and the resolution was predictable and almost incredulous. I was sure we were about to have more of the same. However, I think the writers are going to prove me wrong. That being said, Season 9 of The Walking Dead doesn’t have the same episode-to-episode impact of Seasons 1 through 3. I still leave each episode broody for a re-run of Days Gone Bye, TS-19, Pretty Much Dead Already, Nebraska, This Sorrowful Life, Too Far Gone and After. 

Okay, that’s my thoughts on the show. Episodic reviews will follow – some of them for older favorites.

Season 9 Episode Two: The Bridge

Gregory is dead. Hallelujah! If anyone needed to hang by the end of a rope, it was fucking Gregory. But he’s gone now, and the instrument of his dire deeds remains to be dealt with. Maggie, as Hilltop’s leader, has to make the decision. She’s Judge, Jury and Executioner. That won’t sit well. I feel that, in previous seasons, the show would have stretched this out for the whole season. But it seems that setting up a judiciary system is going to be a thing… (to be continued, I’m walking the dog).