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If you’re an artist or a science fiction writer I’d like to hear from you. Maybe I can even show some of your work here. I’m excited to add original and relevant content to this site, especially from like minded individuals. Drop my a line on Twitter or email me directly here. Beta Readers I’m looking for beta readers for my […]


Quotes… These are things I’ve heard or been exposed to over the years of my life. They have relevance to me, and some of them are pretty significant. Well, I guess the last part is up to you to decide..;   “The essential quality of life is living’ the essential quality of living is change; […]

Sylke Hamel

Sylke Hamel is an artist and graphic designer who was born in Osnabrueck in Germany. After completing her MA in art design, she moved to Scotland in order to further her career and broaden her experience. She now lives in the historic village of Gullane in the South East of Scotland. Sylke has always enjoyed sketching and painting in her very limited free time. […]

The Butterfly Tragedy

I emerged in winter bright and proud. Tumbled the skies and sang out loud. And flew from frozen bush to tree. In search of others, just like me. But never did that other I find. It seemed I was a unique kind. Growing hungry soon, I searched a rose. But none had grown, I now […]

Author’s Thoughts

Beyond the Starport Adventure. It’s a difficult decision, but I think I made the right one. Initially, I put together a cover for BTSA featuring a solitary blonde girl in a science-fiction looking outfit. She was holding a futuristic and oversized handgun. Behind her, a wall of flames and fire. However, the picture did not convey anything that […]

Richard W. Fairbairn

His debut novel Beyond the Starport Adventure is listed as one of “The 30 Best Self-Published Books of All Time”, but author Richard Fairbairn hasn’t rested on his laurels. He’s written some hard-hitting dark science fiction, along with several action and adventure stories now in beta stage. The fan-favorite Bullet series is ongoing, with the […]