Beyond the Starport Adventure

Latest News – October 2018

Well, it seems that Beyond the Starport Adventure is going to be a single, one hundred and thirty-something word epic after all. I’ve tried to split the book and haven’t found a way to do it. So we’re back to the original plan. As I write this, I am eight chapters into rewrites and edits. Forty two more chapters to go until the end!

I’m hoping to finish the final edit of BTSA at the end of this year. Then I’ll let it marinade for a while as I tidy up The Third Place. Busy, busy, busy as you can see!


I wrote Beyond the Starport Adventure over a period of about five years, whilst working through other projects and work commitments. Beyond the Starport Adventure is the first part of an anthology of stories. These mirror comic strips I used to write and illustrate when I was in my mid teenage years. My skills as an artist are strictly rudimentary, and nowhere near suitable for the quality needed to bring the Bullet series to life. So, if you’re an artist and you’d like to draw for a Star Wars style original comic idea, give me a shout!

Beyond the Starport Adventure is the first in a trilogy – and possible anthology – of stories. Rough details of the first volume are shown below. The novels all form part of the Bullet collection.

Beyond the Starport Adventure

The core, original, story of Beyond the Starport Adventure with some rewrites.

The Starport Adventure

The second part of the original book.


The second part of the original book.

The Starchild Anthology

An ad-hoc collection of short stories belonging to he Bullet universe.