Movie Reviews

To Summarise

So, to summarise, I frequent the cinema a bit more now than I used to. A few months ago I’d only go to see a movie that I knew would be a winner. Now, I’m getting more willing to take a risk. Here are the reviews…

Wonder Woman 1st June 2017

Alien Covenant 12th May 2017

Zootopia (Zootropolis) 4th April 2016

Batman V Superman 28th March 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane 19th March 2016

The Context

I’m a fan of the cinema and believe that it bring a certain experience to watching a film that viewing at home cannot match. Some movies absolutely belong in the cinema and lost some of the spectacle when viewed at home, regardless of the quality of your home cinema equipment. I enjoy the typical Hollywood blockbuster movies but recently am becoming more inclined to enjoy smaller and less mainstream cinema. Maybe I’m getting wiser as I age. I certainly hope so!

My Tastes

moon4My favourite movie of all time is Joe Versus the Volcano. John Patrick Shanley’s script resonated with me the first time I first saw that movie. More than twenty years later the movie still holds a special place in my heart.

I saw Terminator 2, Judgment Day about eight times at the cinema. I was obsessed with that movie and totally blown away by the special effects. Of course, Arnie as the eponymous Terminator was never better. It’s a movie I can still watch anytime and still find absolutely amazing.

I like television, but I’m very picky. Right now I’ll watch absolutely anything to do with The Walking therapist linda2Dead. Yes, I mean absolutely anything. In fact, if they made an Eastenders spin-off that took part in TWD universe then I’d watch it. And I loathe Eastenders. I’m watching Bojack Horseman, The Man in The High Castle, and the astonishingly brilliant TV sitcom Community. Also watching F is for Family, Better Call Saul, and Lucifer. My attraction to the latter show, Lucifer, is confusing. Sometimes it seems too unbelievable that I just can’t look away. But I think I’m in love with Lucifer’s therapist, Linda, so provided she keeps getting her three minutes an episode I’ll be hooked.



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